From iberkshires: Eating For A Cause, Bollywood-Tex Style

By Stephanie Farrington

Imagine there was a new place opening up in March. It would serve Bollywood-Tex cuisine. Would you go?

What if it was only open for one night?

What if its chef was the Red Lion’s Brian Alberg?

Most people are a little taken aback by the prospect of Indian/Texan culture coming together but Stockbridge’s IS183 Art School for the Berkshires plans to jam the two into one night full of color, music, art and yes, food.

“Who doesn’t love a barbecue?” says Alberg. He will be working with a diverse range of chefs in the Berkshires to bring the culinary aspect of the event together. For his part, the Red Lion is donating a pig and two lambs to be spit roasted whole. Alberg intends to serve the pig three ways, the lamb is still up in the air (so to speak.)

The event takes place on March 31. Between now and then, we’ll visit the six different chefs who make up Alberg’s team and get their take on cooking for a cause and unlikely combinations.

Here’s are a few menu items so far:

  • Alberg’s Whole Hog, 3 Ways
  • Grilled Curried Eggplants
  • Carmelized Paneer Mushroom Tarts
  • Crisp Vegetable Pickles in a ginger and mustard seed brine
  • Ghandi’s Grit – Skillet Corn Bread

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